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Bonus: The Pilates Body Nutrition Guide

Inside this guide, you'll get:

✅ The 2 easy diet plans you can use to shape your new body

✅ 6 simple habit hacks to eat healthily without thinking

✅ The secret of the "longevity" diet and how it can help improve aging
Bonus: Wall Pilates 28 Day Calendar

Inside this guide, you'll get:

✅ A unique, fun workout planned out from the exercises you learn in the book

✅ A simple empty calendar you can fill out with your favorite exercises to stay motivated!
Bonus: Pain Free Movement Guide
Inside this guide, you'll get:

✅ The proper way to move with ease and precision

✅ 2 simple Alexander Techniques that help you with standing and movement balance

✅ Steps to improve your body awareness at all times
Bonus: The Ultimate Kegels Exercise
Inside this guide, you'll get:

✅ The proper way to do Kegels from a top licensed physical therapist

✅ 2 simple exercises that improve your libido and the intensity of your intimate pleasure

✅ Steps to strengthen the core and pelvic floor that most women never find out about
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